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Center for Photographic Art Workshop-May 24, 2014


Now that Polaroid film has been discontinued, we will use Fuji instant film. This is a fun non-darkroom workshop using the image transfer technique to create impressionistic watercolor-looking images.  These popular monotypes are created by using peel-apart Fuji instant print film. Rather than allowing your instant print to develop, we pull the pieces apart seconds into the normally suggested 60 second processing time, toss out the print, and use the negative to transfer your image onto paper, fabric, wood or glass to name but a few possible receptor surfaces. After the paper or fabric drys, your art piece can be enhanced with oil, pastel, watercolor and pen and ink.

You can make copies of your original slides, small prints or small 3-dimensional Items. Images are copied from your slides using a Vivitar slide printer or a Day Lab, while your original prints and small 3-dimensional assemblages use the Daylab copy printer to produce your negative.


We will make an instant print of your image using Fuji instant film, toss it into hot water, and watch the emulsion almost float off the paper backing. In just a few steps, the thin piece of emulsion is transferred onto paper, glass, metal, wood or anything we can get it to stick to. The final image can look as precise as a regular print, or you can manupulate and distort the emulsion into wild and carefree shapes and patterns.

These workshops are also offered in private lessons, or you can arrange for an afternoon garden party for your friends. 

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You can also arrange for private lessons or private classes for small groups to fit your own schedule or need for specific or targeted information.