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Localvision History

Localvision began in Santa Cruz in 1994. Marty was asked to put together a photography show at the Louden Nelson Center. She asked adults, teens and children who took her beginning black-and-white photography class to consider showing their work. Response was enthusiastic. A name was needed for the show and Localvision was submitted by Rick Jacoby.

Localvision has shown at Cafe Pergolesi in Santa Cruz, the Louden Nelson Community Center in Santa Cruz, the Cabrillo College Stroke Center in Santa Cruz, the San Mateo Government Center in Redwood City and the Pacifica Center for the Arts in the East Wing of the Sanchez Art Gallery. Localvision 2016 features 65 artists showing in the beautiful gallery space of the Redwood Shores Library.

About Localvision

"You don't need an extensive educational background in Art to produce or enjoy good art. I am thrilled to see work produced through Community Art. There is incredible strength and sensitivity in my students' work. Everyone, whether they feel they are an artist or not, has an internal sense of art and good taste. All you need to do is tap into your artistic core and allow yourself to communicate what you see" said Marty Rose Springer in an interview with the San Mateo Arts Council.

The spirit of the show is inspiring. Participants are invited to put in one or two of their favorite images. The work includes digital images, digital image transfers, traditional black-and-white and color film images, and canvas prints. Marty delights in curating this diverse show and finds that the images flow naturally and speak with each other to create a visual dialogue. It is a community experience with many artists meeting each other for the first time when they see the show on the wall. Friendships develop and an artistic community is born.

Localvision has always been self-supported by the artists. Artists contribute a small fee toward invitations, printing and mailings, and anything left covers food and beverages for the receptions.