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Writing with Light Photography offers photography classes, workshops, and private lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Marty Rose Springer has been a freelance photographer since 1975 and runs Writing With Light Photography. She has been teaching classes, workshops and private lessons to a wide variety of students for almost fifteen years.

Classes are fun, yet cover all the technical details you need to know to shoot good photos with the philosophy is that it is better to shoot good photos in the first place rather than spend time fixing them later. Marty believes that everyone is an artist and encourages experimenting and playing to see what emerges.

Shoot Like a Pro

Perfect your technical skills, learn to translate your camera manual, apply that knowledge to operate your camera, and enjoy the fun of photography.  Learn the elements of correct exposure through meter readings, understand your f-stop and shutter, and quickly you will delight in photography through logical sense and fun.

Simple explanations and exercises which include night shooting, portraiture shooting, flashes, long exposures, processing film (for film classes) and printing (for both film and digital classes) will start you on your creative path.