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Center for Photographic Art Workshop-May 24, 2014
  About Our Classes

Writing With Light Photography classes offered through your local Park and Recreation departments, San Mateo County Community College Community Education (as well as College for Kids) provide a fun, affordable, and convenient venue. See the Schedule for dates of upcoming classes and links for registration.

You can also arrange for private lessons or private classes for small groups to fit your own schedule or need for specific or targeted information. Go to the Private Lessons page for more information.


  • Beginning Digital Photography
  • Intermediate/Advanced Digital Photography
  • Photography II - Abobe Elements - Inadmissible in Court
  • Cellphonography
  • Fine Art Digital Image Transfer
  • Peninsula Photography Field Trips
  • Beginning Film Photography
  • Intermediate Film Photography

For descriptions of each class, see the following sections.

Beginning Digital Photography

Take pleasure in the joy of photography while perfecting your technical skills.

I will teach you the easiest and simplest ways take photos in the style you are most comfortable with. I will show you how to correctly expose for different lighting situations while understanding the f-stop, the shutter, and the ISO. You will learn how white balance and exposure compensation plays into the emotional feel of an image and although the camera has been set up to make the “best” image, perfect is not always the best way to make an image you personally like. This nine-week class will walk you through the technical aspects of the camera and the manual so you can easily understand how to take photos that express what you see. The classes are supportive, encouraging and full of classmates who bring enthusiasm to learning.

Class activities include:

  • Portraiture/Still life class with lights and backdrops.
  • Night photography excursion that starts during daylight and moves into the dark of night so you will be able to photograph in any light you encounter.
  • A one-hour private printing workshop at my studio.

Intermediate/Advanced Digital Photography

Advance your skills and passion of digital photography. Find support for your independent projects, inspiration for moving forward with your own work and deepen your understanding of the camera, computer and printer.

Class activities can include:

The Camera

  • Improving your Exposure
  • Fine tune modes and custom features of your camera
  • Tethering photography

The Computer

  • Calibration
  • Profiles
  • Post processing
  • Raw

Printing and the Printer

  • Advanced printing techniques
  • Advanced papers, fabric, metal and alternative surfaces
  • Profiles

Seeing in Black and White

Altenative Processes

  • Digital image transfers
  • Digital negatives
  • Cyanotype
  • Cellphonography

Photography II – Adobe Elements--Inadmissible in Court

In this second part of the Beginning Digital Photography course, we will use what you previously learned about the modes, menus and concepst of photography to take your vision to the next level using the most current Adobe Elements program. This class will help you continue on your photographic journey and take your images to professional and artistic standards.

Learn how to use Adobe Elements’ powerful tools to enhance or change color, or even remove color turning your photograph into a beautiful black-and-white image. Or turn your image into a monotone while leaving only a small part in color. You will learn to remove blemishes and dark circles under eyes, or even take off a couple of pounds. A simple crop of your image will bring out a more powerful composition, or even using the clone tool to remove an unwanted branch or leaf or even an ex from your image will make your photograph less distracting. Open closed eyes, put a smile on a moody model or even add another person who was missing in the photograph. We will work with filters, selection tools, drawing tools, enhancing tools and modifying (crop) tools.

This class will teach you to subtly fine tune your photograph into a strong image. We will work within the Organizer and the Editor so you can learn to import images from your camera and cell phone, make folders, tag your images and even correct many images at once with the instant fix command. Bring your laptop. If you do not have a laptop, you can follow along with the lecture/demonstration. You must have completed Marty’s Beginning Photography course to enroll in this class.

Adobe Elements is a great program at a reasonable cost to Artists and hobbyists. Adobe Elements can be purchased at Costco where you get a disc that you can use on two different computers. If you purchase it from the App Store, the Organizer is not included. (Unlike Photoshop CC, you do not have to pay a monthly subscription for Elements.)

For the schedule of current and upcoming classes, click Schedule.

Cellphonography Class

There are more people taking snapshots in this era of Cell phones than ever before. Out of the 7 billion people on our planet, 4 billion of us have cell phones with cameras.

You will learn how to take control of color, lighting, and photo styles to create images with photographic power. Create your digital darkroom by exploring the distinctive and more popular apps and find out the ones to stay away from.

In-class activities and a photo walkabout will highlight this class. You will learn how to make a digital negative, how and where to download your images and how to set up a good photo workflow. Find your style and you will be on the road of this amazing cultural journey.

Fine Art Digital Image Transfer

Get back to getting your hands wet while creating a one of a kind image. We will copy your photographs to digital negatives and then transfer the negative to a beautiful fine art paper, fabric, wood, metal or anything we can get the negative to stick to.

The joy of this class is even though you can make a perfect photograph, our goal is to make your image a one-of-a kind image by using different types of papers from fine art to tissue paper, a large range of fabrics, wood, or glass and even going a step farther by distressing the negative to make your final print a unique monotype. There are a number of techniques, formulas and processes. You will learn to choose the best film, set specs and profiles on your computer, pick up a couple of chemical processes and you will take what you learned in this a fun and creative class to easily be able to do this at home.

Peninsula Photography Field Trips

If you love taking pictures with your SLR, Point-and-Shoot or your iPhone, you will certainly enjoy this class. Learn tips and tricks of photography and experience hands-on training while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow photographers on your day and evening trips highlighting the theme of the season on the Peninsula. Have fun taking outdoor pictures in bright sunshine, in shade and at dusk as you learn how to work with available light.

This four-day class includes an introduction to photography and your camera, a morning photography excursion, an evening excursion and a critique/get-together looking at your classmates work.

For the schedule of current and upcoming classes, click Schedule.

Beginning Film Photography

Enjoy the fun of photography and perfect your technical skills. I will teach you how to correctly expose for different lighting situations, understand your f-stop and shutter, learn to translate your camera manual and apply that knowledge to operate your camera. Simple explanations and exercises will start you on your creative path.

In this fun, hands-on introduction to photography, we will work to understand the camera, light meters, lenses, filters, flashes, and basic composition. This will prepare us for night shooting and portraiture activities in class. Classes are offered in both the digital and the black-and-white film mediums. In the black-and-white film class, we will also practice film development and printing in the darkroom. You will learn basic photographic concepts that you can translate into any medium: black-and-white, color, or digital photography. Bring your camera and manual to the first class.

Intermediate/Advanced Film Photography

This class is for students who have taken the Basic Film Photography class and already know how to shoot technically excellent photographs, setting correct expose, etc. A variety of topics are covered as selected by students at the beginning of the session. Topics include:

  • How to improve exposure
  • Slide film
  • Night shoot field trip
  • Infrared film
  • Image/emulsion transfer workshop
  • Hand coloring black and white prints
  • Toning black and white prints
  • Liquid light darkroom
  • Slides/negatives manipulation
  • Film experimentation
  • Pinhole camera
  • Advanced digital imaging